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About Our Label

The Foundation

Ghost Label Records was established in the spring of 2005 by Angelos Mavros (Open Source), Dimitris Santas (Dark Elf) and Vaggelis Papathanasiou (SideFX). It was based in Athens, Greece, and its initial goal was to create and promote a series of compilations featuring the works of those three musicians.

How We Grew?

After a year, the company received a few more musical projects. Alexandros Georgiadis (Anill), Dimitris Prapas (Fat Data), Chris Kleitsas (Odd Sequence) and other important figures joined and released their music with us. In 2008, John Vakirtzis participated as our booking agent with the sole aim of organizing promotional parties. The parties continued without John throughout the decade in various places at different times. While being there for us since the very beginning, Vasilis Lampropoulos actively started participating in 2015 as our official public relations representative. Since then, more artists have joined our group, as we are constantly scouting for new talents but also reaching out to established producers.

What Do We Do?

Our label has been on the market for more than a decade. And all these years, we have been supporting and empowering our artists and the global music scene. Our main goal has always been to release and promote quality music. Moreover, we have also been striving to promote visual art and general music culture.

Our Collaborations

After Ghost Label records was founded, we collaborated with many respectable companies, such as Jes Music, Eurodisc SA, Arcadia Digital, Arabesque Distribution, Saikosounds.com, Kinesis S. A., KJER.com, Feiyr.com, Geomagnetic.tv, Pure Music Manufacturing, Mushroom Magazine, etc. We have partners and friends across the whole world. We have a great world-wide network of physical and digital distribution for our recordings, and we believe our music is quite popular amongst music lovers, dancers, ravers, etc.

Our Mission

So many years after the foundation, our label still welcomes new artists who provide music for people`s minds and sensibilities. We know that music is the way to reach people`s hearts and touch their souls. Music helps in binding people and in connecting them across regional and religious boundaries. We at GL Records work hard to make it possible by promoting music to our ardent music fans.

Current Label Formation

  A&R/Management: Angelos Mavros   PR/Bookings: Vasilis Lambropoulos  








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