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Single Review


Title: Kaito
Artist: A-Pyk
Type: Single
Format: Digital
EAN: 4251177557965
Release Date: 29.12.2017
Music Genre: Psychedelic Trance
Mastering: Steve Throttler
Digital Distribution: Dance All Day
Graphics: Jor Art & Graphic Designer
Description: Once there was a little bird in a cage called Kaito. Kaito was, as they call it, a paradise bird because of the variety of its colours. Kaito died unexpectedly for unknown reasons and was buried at the top of an Athenian hill. This little bird's whole life was nothing more than a few days in a cage and thus its owner `A-Pyk` decided to dedicate a track to it. By listening to this track a surreal environment is being fictionally created in which we see Kaito as an enormous mythical bird flying in the sky beautiful and free.

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