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Psylent Conspiracy Velvet Edition
Compilation Review

Psylent Conspiracy Velvet Edition

Title: Psylent Conspiracy Velvet Edition
Artists: Diskonekt, Open Source, Anill, Atropa, Fat Data, Odd Sequence, Noisis, Dark Elf, The Dub Wizard
Type: Compilation
Format: Digital
EAN: 4250782428219
Release Date: 27.03.2015
Music Genre: Psytrance, Psydub
Mastering: Ghost Label records
Replication: Pure Music Manufacturing
Distribution: Dance All Day
Graphics: Open Source
Description: After many years ghost label strikes back with a velvet collection of the "Psylent Conspiracy", a series of compilations established during the years 2005 & 2008. The best tracks were very carefully selected, re-mastered and uploaded for all the fans to remind us of past glories. Ladies & gentlemen enjoy a velvet collection of the final Psylent Conspiracy !

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