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Psylent Conspiracy Vol 2
Compilation Review

Psylent Conspiracy Vol 2

Title: Psylent Conspiracy Vol 2
Artists: Noisis, Anill, Open Source, AcidFX, NRG
Type: Compilation
Format: CD Jewel Case
Catalogue Number: SZCD-20111
EAN: 7020603520111
Release Date: 01.05.2006
Music Genre: Psytrance
Mastering: Pot*ideas Studios
Replication: Arcadia Digital SA
Physical Distribution: Jes Music / Kinesis SA
Graphics: YTC
Description: The second part of psylent conspiracy, has no intention to be silent! Psylent Conspiracy 2 looks to be one of the best compilation of this year and it will certainly deliver a big message to the whole scene. The compilation includes 10 fabulous psy trance tracks. Some are full-on some are dark and some have a clubby style. All of them are very good productions with intense atmosphere and hard beats. The compilation is devoted to psychedelic mind culture and it supports all subgenres of trance music.

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